NMS Collections – Costs and Fees

Effective December 2014 – All fees exclude GST

Debt Collection Fees on Services Provided:

Initial Loading fee: (per debt) $100.00
Collection Fee: (On collected debts only) 30%
Site Visit: (from) $100.00
Default listing: $35.00
Bankruptcy Proceedings: (Individuals after judgment obtained) P.O.A.
Statutory Demands:
(Undisputed debts owed by companies – including service) $350.00
Liquidation Proceedings: (Undisputed debts owed by companies) P.O.A.

Credit Checks:

Individual (Privacy consent required) $20.00
Standard Commercial Report $30.00
Directors (Privacy consent required) $60.00
Background Checks / Risk Analysis: (from) $300.00

Other Services:

Terms Of Engagement / Terms of Trade: (Templates from) $600.00
PPSR Securities and Implementation: (Hourly rate from) $140.00
Defending Liquidator / Receiver actions: (Hourly rate from) $140.00
Insolvent Transactions – the Companies Act 1993 (hourly from) $140.00
Accountancy – and/or Forensic  (hourly rates from) $120.00
Court Expert Evidence – Insolvency Matters (hourly rates from) $ 140.00