Accountants and Business Advisors

NMSNZ Ltd ~ Nelson, NZ

NMSNZ Ltd is a multi disciplined boutique accounting firm based in Nelson providing a broad range of professional accounting services. Our experience and passion is for smaller to medium sized privately owned business operations whose management have an entrepreneurial vision for growth.

We use our expertise to provide decisive, positive commercial solutions and advice for businesses and individuals who wish to concentrate on their core commercial focus and abilities, rather than be otherwise consumed by statutory compliance and regulatory controls.

We offer a free initial consultation and “Business Health Check”. Our firm offers a wealth of business experience and commercial expertise through a dedicated small team who really care. Our clients are simply not numbers. Our team’s strength is those special relationships we personally build with each of our clients based on experience and confidence.

NMSNZ Ltd Accountants and Business Advisors offer:

  • First 45-minutes consultation free for new clients
  • Three tailor-made levels of accounting services for clients as custom packages, Accounting Basic, Accounting Mini, and Accounting Mini Plus
  • Easy monthly payments spread to assist cash flow
  • A free “Business Health Check” for new clients
  • Central Nelson location with easy access and free parking at our door
  • Access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Business Recovery and Insolvency Practitioners

NMSNZ Ltd is a specialist Insolvency Practice concentrating on the specialist areas of insolvency, corporate and personal insolvency, business recovery and analysis, debt recovery and management, company restructures, takeovers, refinancing including equity funding, and business sales or exit strategies.

If you are considering closing your business, or if you are creditor considering petitioning the Court to liquidate a company because they haven’t paid you, we can help.

Or if you are getting hassled or pressure from a Liquidator or Receiver, maybe even demanding you repay account payments your company received, again we can help.

For $100.00 GST Inclusive we can provide an initial opinion on:

  • The best possible options (or what are the options) going forward,
  • Help answer questions or queries regarding liquidation or receivership,
  • Provide you with options to liquidation or bankruptcy,
  • Advice on Voidable / Insolvent transactions including liquidators demands.
  • Companies Act 1993 / Liquidation Regulations 1994 / Receivership Act 1993

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NMS Collections – Credit Control and Debt Collections

NMS Collections proudly provides New Zealand businesses and Companies with a range of credit control and debt collection services designed with only one thing in mind, to improve cash flow and increase profitability.

Our clients recommend and use us because:

  • We don’t just work 9 to 5,
  • “No collection – no fee”,
  • We pay by direct credit twice monthly,
  • Low up front loading fees,
  • We deliver professional results and are always conscious to protect the brand.
  • We treat people as people, and show empathy to those deserving support.
  • We identify the “big picture”, and structure repayment arrangements accordingly.
  • While we are Nelson based, we operate and have agents New Zealand wide.
  • We are persistent and thorough, and are renown for acting promptly.
  • Our experience is unrivalled.

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Employment Relations

Good employment relations are critical to the success of any business.

It is vital that any employment dispute is handled promptly and fairly (and particularly in accordance with the specified provisions of the Employment Relations Act), to ensure matters don’t escalate to expensive and time consuming litigation continuing through the Courts.

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Do you need help with the following?:

  • Disciplinary meetings
  • Dismissals
  • Employment contracts and procedures
  • Mediation
  • Personal grievances
  • Restructures or Redundancy
  • Sexual harassment, discrimination and / or racial claims

NMSNZ Ltd offer employers seeking Employment Relations advice:

  • First 45-minutes consultation free
  • Central Nelson location with easy access and free parking at our door
  • Access 24 hours a day, seven days a week

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