Debt Collections – Credit Control

NMS Collections proudly provides New Zealand businesses and Companies with a range of credit control and debt collection services designed with only one thing in mind, to improve cash flow and increase profitability.

Our clients recommend and use us because:

  • We don’t just work 9 to 5,
  • “No collection – no fee”,
  • We pay by direct credit twice monthly,
  • Low up front loading fees,
  • We deliver professional results and are always conscious to protect the brand.
  • We treat people as people, and show empathy to those deserving support.
  • We identify the “big picture”, and structure repayment arrangements accordingly.
  • While we are Nelson based, we operate and have agents New Zealand wide.
  • We are persistent and thorough, and are renown for acting promptly.
  • Our experience is unrivalled.

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